Adult personAls

times walking through (of all cliche places) the grocery store: chance upon chemistry and “looks” don’t matter…so, much. I knew this intellectually, now it’s a confirmed and growing reality. There is more potential. (Already married or outside my age range, I move on of course.) You can’t get this from a picture nor a profile. The reviews I’ve read so far make sense, we’ve learned something Adult personAls Of Fish) I think a lot of these men that are giving bad reviews and are more than just a little bitter are probably the 40 and 50 somethings that are trying to meet these 20 year old women. Be honest about what your looking for and just as if you were on the street meeting someone, be realistic. Just a thought. Reviewed By marsha wright branson Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 01, 2010 Adult personAls dating, a rip-off if ever there was one. A haven for single, lonely people, with serious issues, all seeking perfection. I had a nightmare relationship from Jdate and many horrible dates where I felt like I was on autopilot. It amazes me. I live in New York, the city that apparently never sleeps. Every time I went on there, it seemed that the same 10-15 people were online at any one time. Adult personAls Adult personAls

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