continuous prayer, be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove in everything you do, and NEVER underestimate God! 🙂 Reviewed By Clarees California Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 11, 2008 permalink Visit Christian Cafe My experience with Christian Cafe was a little different from other posters- a guy I met (in person) showed me his profile on CC saying he’d check it out periodically It is okay at best. It claims to show those who have viewed you. However, I would receive e-mails from people who never (according to the site) viewed my profile. Despite the e-mail claiming the woman had viewed my profile. Same thing with the so-called favorites list. I would get listed as a favorite, but again, the woman didn’t view my profile. Furthermore, when I signed on the second they operate. They are online to find people who share in their sexual fetishes and kinkiness while keeping a strait laced appearance in their public life. I have banged lots of women I met online because I’m not a sniveling loser that can’t find a woman. I’m not looking for Mrs. Perfect, I’m looking for Ms. Penetrated. Women are usually not what they say in their profile, and a lot of them

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